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Tarmojo, a tailor in Central Jakarta, used to have an old sewing machine that could be used to alter at most 10 pieces everyday. By doing so, he could earn profit as much as Rp. 50,000 everyday. On his condition, he could not alter many uniforms because of the limit of his sewing machine. Based on that situation, program companion of LPEM BAZNAS provided him an assistance to get venture capital from Zakat Funds and a certain period of mentoring.

At last, he could afford to buy a new sewing machine with the zakat donation from Muzaki. Now he can alter more jeans and uniforms with his new sewing machine and his daily income gradually increasing so that he could afford school fees for his children.

"Alhamdulillah, after getting venture capital from Baznas, I could buy a new sewing machine and increasing my income to around 80,000 - 120,000 every day," he says.

This is only one of countless stories of how zakat could improves livelihoods and reduce poverty throughout the world especially on Indonesia Society. BAZNAS through the Mustahik Pengusaha program, will continue to distribute venture capital from Zakat funds and provide Mentoring Assistances to Mustahik and enhance their spiritual religious aspects to improve their economy and spiritual until they are considered capable of being independent by themselves.